News from Turkey

Turkey became "growth center", among pharmaceutical giants.

The Turkey’s growing market of pharmaceutics, became the favourite among foreigners with advantage in export. According to the pharmaceutical giants who have taken notice of sales, firms wishing grow have to be in the market of Turkey.

Despite low price policy, changes of an exchange rate in connection with a rise in prices for raw materials and considerable decrease in profit, the pharmaceutical market of Turkey remains an apple of the eye among foreign investors, with advantage in export. According to reports "The Turkish Pharmaceutical industry Vision 2023", is expected that the market in 2023 will reach 23 billion dollars, and export will reach 8,1 billion dollars.

The director general of "DEVA" Philipp Haas, said: "If you want to grow, you have to be in the market of Turkey. Because Turkey, has considerable potential, despite a large number of the population and a large number of the growing old population, and also profitability reduction".

Turkey grew by 4,3 percent in the first quarter.

The statistical institute of Turkey (TSI) declared the results relating to the first quarter of the gross domestic product (GDP).  Official data, in the first quarter of this year according to the Turkish economy grew by 4,3 percent.


Independent of influence of a calendar having stable prices of gross domestic product in the first quarter of 2014,  increased by 4,4 percent in comparison with the same quarter of previous year, and on seasons and a calendar otregulirovaniye value of gross domestic product  made 1,7 percent in comparison with the previous quarter.  According to Anadolu Finance Agency, economists taken part in "Poll about growth Expectations", in the first quarter of year expected growth on the average for 4,1 percent.

Economy of Turkey having picked up growth by 4,3 percent in the first quarter, grew by 18 quarters in a row.

Ernst & Young: Turkey - the center of production of Europe.

The international auditor consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) considered direct foreign investment intentions of investors in Europe, in the report "The questionnaire of Attraction Investments - Europe 2014 – Return to Game" Turkey, having especially taken in attention successful performance after the global economic crisis which ranks Turkey bypassed, having shirked the gloomy growth and the unstable economic environment in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe.

In the report on investments of production sector of Turkey of last year, in difference from decline at the majority of competitors in country areas, speaking about increase in number of the PII projects, it was underlined that Turkey turned into the center of large-scale production in Europe.

Production of automobile sector goes on a record

The chairman of the Car Producers Association (OSD) Kudret Onen noted that despite reductions in domestic market, the power of automobile sector increased to 10 percent. According to the report January-June 2014 OSD which Onen shared, having reminded of opportunity to cover negative impact of narrowing of domestic market on production, by increase in the amount of export, in the first half of this year in comparison with 2013 and export  grew by 8 percent that makes 12 percent of the export income and to decrease in total production, supporting 1 percent.

As Onen said: "The general automobile production this year will bypass the previous record in 1 million 190 thousand and will break a new record, with positive influence of export on production". This year the entrance of new models is very important. New investments considerably will affect export indicators. "Difficulties in the current balance didn't remain", - he commented.